Water resistant and robust – Bellroy Elements Pocket

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Wallets are a very personal item. They hold so much of your life-like your ID, cash, and any other cards you need. They go with you everywhere so that you have all your stuff.

Even your bag doesn’t need to spend every minute of the day with you.

Each person has different needs from their wallet. Maybe you want to store your phone in it or maybe you want to get something really slim that tucks away. Maybe you need something water resistant because of your sports activities or maybe you just need something stylish.

Whatever your needs are your first stop when looking for a new wallet should be Bellroy. Not only do they run the awesome blog that goes by the name of Carryology they make stellar wallets.

Today I’m going to talk about my Elements Pocket. Well I don’t really have the elements pocket I have it’s predecessor which has pretty much exact same features.

My Wallet Needs

For me a wallet needs to be slim and water resistant. I end up out on bike rides for hours and sometimes those hours are in the pouring rain. I’ve done the wallet in a ziplock bag thing and while it works, you also at some point end up searching for a bag without holes or figuring you don’t need it but then getting stuck in a downpour.

I decided to just stop that waste of time song and dance and invest in a wallet that could handle rain, snow, sand and still keep my stuff safe inside.

I also like a slim wallet and up to this point had been simply using an elastic with 2 cards and a bit of cash in the middle. The elastic actually held the cards tight enough that the cash sandwiched between them didn’t really get damaged even if it went through the laundry.

Finally I didn’t want some dorky looking waterproof wallet that looks like a lame enlarged ziplock bag. I wanted something that I could just use all the time and would look reasonably classy.

The big things my version of the wallet is missing from the above video is the SIM card holder and the coin slot and the zipper pull is leather just like you’d see on the Very Small version.

For me this holds 2 cards (Drivers License, Bank Card) on one side.

Main 2 used cards in my Bellroy

Main 2 used cards in my Bellroy

On the other side it holds a few bills folded and 3 cards plus 2 business cards.

Stacked cards in the Bellroy

Stacked cards with 3 bills in the Bellroy

The few times I need to handle a few coins and don’t have pants pockets (like when I’m out riding my bike) I just toss the few coins in the main area of the wallet and deal with them when I get home. At our house that means I end up putting it in the grocery jar most of the time.

Is it water resistant?

Yes it is fully water resistant. No it won’t stop all water from getting in at your stuff if you stick it in a bucket of water or go for a swim but I’ve never had any water get in at my stuff while taking multi-hour rides in the rain with the wallet sitting in the back pocket of my cycling jersey essentially unprotected from the elements.

Bellroy Elements with a splash of water for effect

Bellroy Elements with a splash of water for effect

I have no fear of putting anything in this thing for a day in the rain. It will be safe and dry inside and I won’t have spent any time worrying about it.

Other Options

If you like what you see with Bellroy but are looking for something else then you have many other options in the Elements line like the Elements Sleeve which will hold your phone and a few cards, few bills and a key. I’d possibly be cautious about putting my very expensive cell phone in it with no protection, but maybe that’s just me being worried about a $600 item when I shouldn’t be.

But I don’t need water resistant

If you don’t need a waterproof wallet but otherwise like what I’m saying about the Elements Pocket then you should look at the Very Small which is pretty much the same without the water resistant zipper.


One question I always ask when I’m purchasing something online (because there is no Bellroy dealer in my area) is how is the service going to deal with me?

Well I actually had to warranty my first Elements Sleeve within 2 weeks of getting it. I simply sent Bellroy a sort of crappy cell phone picture of the issue and they looked up my shipping information based off my name and sent me a replacement that arrived at my door in a few days along with return shipping paid for on the old wallet.

There was no wrangling about the condition or treatment or…anything. I just sent and email and woke up with a tracking number for a new wallet which has now been in service for 12 months with no issues.


Yes I’d totally recommend the Bellroy Elements Pocket if you’re looking for a small water resistant wallet that doesn’t look silly. It’s high enough quality that my wife is also looking at their Take Out as her next wallet. I’m looking at a few of their travel options for the times I’m traveling and need to carry a few extra things on me at all times.

I’ll have this wallet for years to come and expect to continue to get exceptional function out of it.