The BASICS Notebook

Yesterday I showed you the Basics Wallet, but a wallet is not the only product that Basics has. They also make notebooks.

I love notebook, and use one every day to write down my journal/tasks/workouts. The tactile task of writing is something I look forward to so I can start my day right.

So I’m always interested in new notebooks.

The thing I love the most is the pen holder on the top of the notebook. I currently have 3 or 4 pens scattered around my various bags and still sometimes don’t have the pen I like to write with.

Being able to stick my preferred writing instrument in my notebook would mean no searching.

The reason I won’t be getting this is that I only want ruled paper. I wouldn’t use the calendars or the blank pages at all so I’d be wasting much of the book’s utility. I achieve similar things with other tools like my giant calendar.

If you’re looking to hold all your stuff in a single notebook though you have till August 2015 to get in on the first run of books on Kickstarter.