Pokka Pens – The inexpensive pocket pen

Like many people, I carry a pen everywhere I go. My current carry is the Tactile Turn Slider & Glider but I’ve carried many others including the Fisher Space Pen.

So far I’ve been lucky and I haven’t lost a pen because the cheapest pen I use regularly is the Fisher and it’s still $25 in Canada. Ultimately it seems that I’m a lucky person because I know lots of people that have lost their fancy pens and at $25 – $50 (or more) that’s a painful hit.

Turns out, that others have thought of this as well and one such person that was tired of loosing their pen invented the Pokka Pen. It’s as short as a Fisher and has a cap that posts to the back of the pen making it easy to hold in your hand while writing.

Add to this attractive package that a 3 pack comes in under $10 and you’ve got a winning combination. I’ve got a set on order so watch for a review of how they feel in the future.

For now, check out the video below to learn a bit more about the Pokka Pen.