Plugable Ultimate USB-C Universal Docking Station

A while ago I showed you the Hub+ Macbook doc and of course there is another one, but this one is from a well known accessory maker…Plugable.

I already use one of their USB Video cards to power a 3rd monitor for my Macbook Air and it’s been flawless so I much more easily trust the quality of their products.

Over at Kickstarter Plugable has a great USB Type-C docking station that says it will power 3 external monitors. Yup that’s right 4 monitors in total, in addition to the gigabit Ethernet and 4 additional USB ports.

The only downside is that all 3 external monitors aren’t 4k compatible, only one is while the others are 2k. Still that’s a lot of screen real estate for a small machine and a single port.

You’ve got till June 30th to get your Plugable USB-C docking station on Kickstarter.