Shoes are a very individual thing. What works for me, may not work for you. With that note, let me tell you a bit about how I run and the shape of my feet to help you decide if my experience with the Salomon Sense Pro 2 might match up with your experience.

First, I have wide feet. Like 2E wide. That means many shoes don’t fit me, or I split them quickly. Specifically my left foot went through my Salomon SpeedCross 4 (non-gortex) within 100km of running.

Second, I land on my forefoot. I heal strike a bit only when I’m trying to scrub speed coming down steep hills.

Really that’s it so let’s dive into the Salomon Sense Pro 2.

I’ve got just over 120km on these shoes so far. I’ve had them out in snow and ice. I’ve taken them on the road and on muddy trails.

In all conditions they’ve performed as well as I could expect. I was initially skeptical that I’d get the same grip performance I had from my Salomon SpeedCross 4’s. The tread on the Sense Pro 2 is nowhere near as aggressive.

In practice though it hasn’t been an issue. They offer just as much traction in all the trails I’ve been on in South Western BC. These are trials just like those you’ll find in the Pacific NorthWest of the United States. Muddy, rainy, green and slippery.

At no point did I ever feel that the lack of traction had anything to do with the shoes. Yes I put on MicroSpikes, but I would have used them at the same spot with my SpeedCross shoes as well. In fact, it was way easier to get the spikes on the Sense Pro 2 because of the lack of huge lugs.

I mentioned earlier that I tend to split shoes on the outside because of my wide feet. With over 120km in the Sense Pro 2, I see no signs of wear at all.

The only thing that I had as far as a bad thing with the Sense Pro 2 was learning to lace them to the correct tightness. My first few runs I had them over tight and ended up with the outside of my feet being sore. I had to loosen them off and then the problem went away.

At $140 retail, these shoes are a steal. I’ll be retiring a pair of my SpeedCross 4 shoes and in the future I’ll likely stick with the Sense Pro 2 by Salomon.

One thing I still don’t know how to deal with is the lack of a waterproof Sense Pro 2. For now I’ll keep my GorTex SpeedCross 4’s for those high mountain snowy runs that are common in the spring. It’s not a grip issue, I just want warmer drier feet.

The rule in our house is that kids wear helmets on bikes and scooters and skateboards and any wheeled transport they propel.

Recently it was time to upgrade the helmet of the 4 year old. The hand me down was too small and past its useful life anyway.

Off we went to the local bike shop and my middle child walked out with her choice of a brand new red Specialized Shuffle.

Unlike her last helmet the Shuffle fits very well. We always struggles with the last one and had to adjust many times. Not so now.

We’re back to a fully helmeted family.

Yeah if I was in the market for a new backpack this would be one of my top choices. Looks really nice and unlike so many other offerings from established backpack makers, you don’t need a rain cover.

That’s probably my biggest issue with my GoRuck, I have to have a rain cover if it’s more than a light drizzle.

Go checkout the Remote Equipment Alpha 31

I’ve been embarking on learning to draw which means using my Apple Pencil way more than I have previously. For the most part I love it but all is not perfect in Apple Pencil land.

No the Apple Pencil doesn’t need a grip, though some look very nice1. Three pencil suits your hand just fine. I like it and my wife likes it and my 7-year-old likes it. That’s quite a range of hand sizes.

The only thing it needs is induction charging. The stupid pencil sticking out of your iPad needs to go away.

I’m hoping that the next version brings us better charging. They can leave everything else alone.

  1. Thanks to Matthew for the tip on the grip.

Over at Carryology, they have a great run down of modular backpacks. Out of the options there, I think that the Mission Workshop offering is the best. I’ve owned one of their messenger bags before and the quality is amazing.

Go check it out.

I had an original pair of Jaybird BlueBud headphones and they were awesome. They worked for about a year, had an issue with the controller and were replaced within two weeks.

I found another pair on sale during those two weeks and so I had two pairs. That was around 4 years ago and the replacement pair is still humming along nicely as my wife’s Jaybirds.

My Bluebuds finally gave up the ghost at the beginning of this summer after over 20k kilometres of biking and several thousand kilometres of hiking and running.

They owed me nothing and I happily moved on to a new pair of Jaybirds, specifically the Jaybird Freedom 2.

Three weeks into owning a set of Freedom 2’s, they’re terrible. Mostly because they have only worked around 50% of the time.

In theory, I can connect them to multiple devices (up to 8) but in reality, they randomly disconnect from a single device and won’t reconnect. Worse, once they won’t connect none of the Bluetooth devices I have will even see them.

5 devices spread between a few iPads, a few iPhones and a couple laptops and the Jaybird Freedom 2’s don’t show up.

Currently, I have a warranty claim in with Jaybird, and it sounds as if they’ll be sending me a new pair but that’s not for sure yet.

Here’s hoping that my 2nd pair turns out better than the first pair.

Getting ready for the Mt Frosty Ultramarathon and this is one of my longest runs. 37km from Bridal Falls around Mt Archibald up Mt Cheam. Had Cheam to myself …

After three years with the VaporCloud, I’ve got a few thoughts.

  • the warranty was amazing (watch the video to find out)
  • the zippers are pretty ‘sticky’ so I need to wax them or something
  • the repair fixed up my issue anyway

Overall, quite happy with Nathan products. We’ll see how the VaporAir turns out after a few runs.

Purchase a VaporCloud on Amazon:

Purchase a VaporAir on Amazon:

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