Hump Day Adventure Volume 4 – May 2 2018

Short one this week. I’ve been busy working and taking a bit of a taper week after some leg pain last week. Ran a hugely fast workout on Monday and then a short road run with the wife on Tuesday. All in the hopes of dropping an hour off my Mt Frosty 50k time from last year. Fingers crossed for sub 8 hours.

If you are done with running trails because heck that’s way to easy then maybe add a Burro to the mix.

Fastest Known: Trail Running Trend Hits Stride in 2018

I’m nowhere near fast enough to get an FKT unless I happen to be the first and still I have some bigger mountain/trail projects I’ll be scouting this summer so I can be prepped to do them maybe this year if I have time maybe next year.

Yup now my kids want me to take them up a tree to climb. Guess I’ll be pulling my climbing gear out and starting the practice at our local park.

The Run-Commute: One of Life’s Greatest Teachers – Trail Sisters

I’ve run commute before and it’s fun. I don’t even need to worry about extra shoes and clothes since I work for my self and am “commuting” to the local coffee shop. Heck, I could do this once a week to hit the other side of town and work which would mean something around 30km of commuting in the day. HRM, that’s very tempting and would let me hit some trails.