Hump Day Adventure Inspiration Volume 3

Hiking in Victoria BC – A Couple of the Must Do Trails

My family spent a few weeks on Vancouver island this summer and it was glorious. Now we have a few more things on our list to go check out next time.

The Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim: A Trail Diary

Hilarious trail story of some time in the Grand Canyon.

Two Nineteen Forty Four from Tristan Greszko on Vimeo.

Just 7 minutes up The Nose. Thanks to semi-rad for this one. Beautifully shot and the music is calming for what I’m sure was almost a run up the cliff.

Lifelong Athlete: Performing Your Best From Your 20s Through Your 80s – CTS

Great list of things to do so you can be an athlete for your whole life. I need to do some more high intensity work which is good since I’ve just started joining the local track workout.

Beyond Black Box Management – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

Cal Newport talks about the cognitive demands of climbing via Alex Honold. Close to my heart because I try to spend so much time focusing for my work. This focus lets me build two newsletters and write books and release podcasts and serve clients and still run 50-80km a week in the mountains and not work weekends or evenings.

Stellar video of a run on The Lost Coast in California. Loved the belt buckle at the end.