Hump Day Adventure Inspiration volume 2

It’s Wednesday day again. Time to make sure you’ve got some adventure planed for the weekend. Here is some stuff to inspire you.

Driving Across Canada: 40 Places You Shouldn’t Miss

Yeesh, in the BC part alone I’ve got some stops to make and trails to hike and I’ve lived here and adventured here for 20 years now. Cathedral grove is amazing. I’ve got a shot of myself dropping a waterfall in the park on my wall.

Why It Matters How You Think About Pain | Outside Online

Pain has always been interesting to me. The best times in the mountains are almost always full of terrible weather and hardship. They’re always the ones I remember with fondness. The regular old days where nothing tough happens blend in.

Yeah the crazy part of this inline skating on mountain bike trails is no protective gear.

Another good video on long trails. I got to watch this just after a cruising 15km run in the forest and it felt just right.

Climbing Out Of A Huge Metaphor –

Great story about friendship and cancer and sandbagging a friend that newly doesn’t have cancer.

The 2018 Barkley Marathons: Confidence through Failure – Race Ipsa Loquitur

Don’t think I’m ever interested in running Barkley but the race is something I love to follow. Here is Amelia Boone’s look at her first try. I really think that she can finish it and I’m hoping she does.