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I’ve regularly run two different pairs of shoes for trails. Often one pair is a bit more suited to buffed out dirt or gravel trails while the other pair is better suited to big days of bushwhacking and lots of slippery mud. When I purchased my Ultra Raptors, my goal was to replace an aging […]

Recently MEC had a sale on some kids trail shoes and we were in the market for a set of them. While the SpeedCross was on sale, we went with the Salomon XA Pro Kids shoe because it was a better choice for some trail, and gravel and some of the hard surface “off-ice” training […]

I had an original pair of Jaybird BlueBud headphones and they were awesome. They worked for about a year, had an issue with the controller and were replaced within two weeks. I found another pair on sale during those two weeks and so I had two pairs. That was around 4 years ago and the […]

If you’re looking for a watch that can handle the outdoors and track your activities then there are a few names that stand large. One is Garmin and their Fenix3, and the other is Suunto specifically their Ambit line. The Ambit3 Peak isn’t really a new watch, but I’ve recently come across it as likely […]

Panoramic view of Lindeman Lake

Lindeman Lake is a great short hike located almost at Chilliwack Lake. To get there head up Chilliwack Lake road resetting your odometer at the beginning of the road. You’ll drive up around 40km and on the left side of the road you’ll see a large gated parking area. If you get to the gravel […]

A knife is something that every adult needs to carry. Whether it’s something small and elegant to have around when you’re out, or something bigger and burly to use when you’re in the backcountry there are just so many things that a simple single blade can do for you. Today I want to introduce you to […]

I hate owning a bunch of stuff especially clothes. With very few exceptions I purchase cloths that are stylish for every day wear and functional for outdoor use in the backcountry or for Crossfit. I currently own about 5 Lulu Lemon Metal Vent Tech shirts. Two of them are the version 1 variety and the […]

I’ve been wanting to get in to some of the awesome scrambles in the Chilliwack area for a while. Stuff that my 4 year old just can’t do. It’s been a bit hard since my whole family loves to get out and we only have one car, but along with a friend I managed to […]

In my house even before we purchase a new phone, we have the case that the phone will be going in. When you combine lots of outdoor sports in all weather with kids and expensive electronics it’s simply way to costly to wait for the inevitable phone dunking to happen. Dunking doesn’t even have to […]

I’ve already got a Road Runner Cell Pouch which is awesome and used every day I ride. Next up on my list (as I look for a new backpack) is the Road Runner Anything Pack. It’s about 3500 cubic inches (55 litres) of waterproof backpack goodness complete with a waist belt so it can be […]