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I’ve been embarking on learning to draw which means using my Apple Pencil way more than I have previously. For the most part I love it but all is not perfect in Apple Pencil land. No the Apple Pencil doesn’t need a grip, though some look very nice1. Three pencil suits your hand just fine. […]

Tactile Turn Slider & Glider

I love using pen and paper. I use a daily journal and plan all my tasks with a weekly planner. Sure there are digital tools that are possibly more efficient, but I always prefer effective over efficient. Along with being picky about the notebooks I use, I like a nice writing utensil as well. The […]

  I think that every iPad needs a good cover or case to go with it. The easy default is the Apple branded covers because they’re cheap and instantly available. That’s what my iPad Pro 9.7 started with, but I knew it wasn’t what I’d end up using. In the past I’ve purchased robust cases […]

A┬áknife is something that every adult needs to carry. Whether it’s something small and elegant to have around when you’re out, or something bigger and burly to use when you’re in the backcountry there are just so many things that a simple single blade can do for you. Today I want to introduce you to […]

Yup a pocket knife is a must (or should be) for everyone but what about that large hunk of glass on the smartphone you have in your pocket? It’s probably not going to react well to the metal studs on the knife, or the back of the blade. Lucky for us Gerber thought about that […]

Yesterday I showed you the Basics Wallet, but a wallet is not the only product that Basics has. They also make notebooks. I love notebook, and use one every day to write down my journal/tasks/workouts. The tactile task of writing is something I look forward to so I can start my day right. So I’m […]

Cables are a pain. So much mess under your desk or in your bag and of course you often forget to connect one device till you need it which means a workflow break as you find the cable and connect that one device. For a while I solved this problem with a desktop computer, but […]

I was a backer of the first Roost and I love it. I use it every day in my office to make sure that my laptop is up off the desk at a comfortable working height. Well Roost now has a new version that is not limited to clam shell style hinges like you find […]

A while ago I showed you the Hub+ Macbook doc and of course there is another one, but this one is from a well known accessory maker…Plugable. I already use one of their USB Video cards to power a 3rd monitor for my Macbook Air and it’s been flawless so I much more easily trust […]

While I went with a Roost stand for my 13″ MacBook Air not everyone has the portability needs I do. If you’re looking for a simple elegant stand for your then the mStand by Rain Design is a great option. Made out of aluminium this will look great with your laptop and give you a […]