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Today we’re going to have a brief look at my initial run in the La Sportiva Ultraraptors. Mainly we’ll talk about my Suunto Ambit 3 Peak watch strap breaking after just over a year. Luckily they’re sending me a new one, but what if it breaks in a year again. The warranty is 1 year […]

Yeah if I was in the market for a new backpack this would be one of my top choices. Looks really nice and unlike so many other offerings from established backpack makers, you don’t need a rain cover. That’s probably my biggest issue with my GoRuck, I have to have a rain cover if it’s […]

Over at Carryology, they have a great run down of modular backpacks. Out of the options there, I think that the Mission Workshop offering is the best. I’ve owned one of their messenger bags before and the quality is amazing. Go check it out.

Tactile Turn Slider & Glider

I love using pen and paper. I use a daily journal and plan all my tasks with a weekly planner. Sure there are digital tools that are possibly more efficient, but I always prefer effective over efficient. Along with being picky about the notebooks I use, I like a nice writing utensil as well. The […]

Like many cyclists or weight lifters, I’ve got a problem. So many of the pants and shorts that are available simply don’t fit my legs or butt. Oh sure if instead of a 36″ waist I go for a 42″ they fit, but that doesn’t count. For a while I’ve been looking at trying out […]

I always have at least one notebook with me, and quite often have 2 or 3 with me. The one that's always with me is a pocket notebook and after trying Baron Fig, Moleskine, and a few types of Field Notes books, I've decided that the only notebook in my pocket is the Field Notes […]

Like many people, I carry a pen everywhere I go. My current carry is the Tactile Turn Slider & Glider but I’ve carried many others including the Fisher Space Pen. So far I’ve been lucky and I haven’t lost a pen because the cheapest pen I use regularly is the Fisher and it’s still $25 […]

We've all got lots of electronics to keep powered and while in a general day they may last, not every day is a usual day. This was especially made evident to me recently when I forgot to charge my iPhone overnight and then our car broke down and I was left sitting in a coffee […]

I’ve got a few EDC pens but my current favourite is the Baron Fig Squire. It’s big enough to write well with and takes fairly standard refills. That doesn’t mean I’m not on the lookout for a new pen though. If you’re in the same boat then check out the gorgeous Steel & Flint Pen […]

I’ve had so many, so so so many emails across my desk today about Black Friday deals. I usually don’t go in for those but when I saw that Pad & Quill was having 15% off sitewide I figured I’d let you know. I have one of their iPad cases and love it. So if […]