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Short one this week. I’ve been busy working and taking a bit of a taper week after some leg pain last week. Ran a hugely fast workout on Monday and then a short road run with the wife on Tuesday. All in the hopes of dropping an hour off my Mt Frosty 50k time from […]

Hiking in Victoria BC – A Couple of the Must Do Trails My family spent a few weeks on Vancouver island this summer and it was glorious. Now we have a few more things on our list to go check out next time. The Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim: A Trail Diary Hilarious trail story of some time in […]

It’s Wednesday day again. Time to make sure you’ve got some adventure planed for the weekend. Here is some stuff to inspire you. Driving Across Canada: 40 Places You Shouldn’t Miss Yeesh, in the BC part alone I’ve got some stops to make and trails to hike and I’ve lived here and adventured here for […]

It’s hump day and it’s time to make sure you’ve got you’re weekend adventure planned. I’ll run a half marathon on the trail and take my kids hiking this weekend. Tomorrow I get to take a road running friend of mine out on his first trail run. Here is some other stuff to inspire you […]