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Well Bellroy’s still at it. Last week they released a notebook cover, and this week it’s a key holder. Lets face it, keys are more than a bit of a pain in the butt. While I’d love to move to some digital Internet of Things lock that knows when I’m coming home and unlocks itself, […]

Especial Cuatro back panel pockets

For a long time I’ve been a messenger bag fanatic. My wife may even say I’m a bag fanatic. I like bags and could own many more than I already do, if I had somewhere to store them. There always seems to be a reason to get a new backpack or messenger bag for some […]

It’s so easy to fill your life with stuff. Sure it’s nice ‘stuff’ but it’s stuff still. Much of this stuff is not very versatile. It suits one part of your life while being entirely unsuitable for the rest of your life. To be sure there are some items that simply can’t be life versatile, […]

We are a biking family and we don’t mind spending a bit of money on a nice bike for anyone in the family. So it was a sad time when I bought my oldest daughter a bike and the best thing I could find was just as heavy as my road bike and it has […]

I’m a daily bike commuter rain or shine. Yes this lets us only have 1 car, but for me riding is more than just a way to cut expenses it’s a lifestyle I’ve been enjoying for 20 years when I started racing Mountain Bikes at age 13. Even when I got my first car it wasn’t unusual […]

The quest for the perfect bag is an elusive one. Over the years I’ve owned many awesome bags for my daily commuting, but there are always trade offs when I compare each offering to the ‘ideal’ bag that possibly only exists in my head. Really much of getting an awesome bag comes down to the […]