Benchmite-II by Benchmade

A knife is something that every adult needs to carry. Whether it’s something small and elegant to have around when you’re out, or something bigger and burly to use when you’re in the backcountry there are just so many things that a simple single blade can do for you.

Today I want to introduce you to the knife I’ve carried every day for a few years the Benchmite-II®. Unfortunately this little beauty of a knife is now discontinued (though you can find one on Amazon) but I’ll suggest some possible alternatives at the end.

Auto-open or standard open?

I’ve actually got 2 of the auto-open (the silver one in pictures below) version of this knife and 1 of the regular open versions. My wife usually carries the regular one in a beautiful blue color. She loves how it looks and how small it is. That small size means she can carry it in any pair of pants or shorts with a pocket, no mater how small.

Benchmite II manual open

One feature that she likes is that you must use 2 hands to open it. This means that if for some reason the kids get their hands on it they’d still need to disengage the locking mechanism before being able to open the blade.

I actually find that less than desirable since much of the time I want a knife, I’m already holding something (like tape, or cardboard) that I want to cut and thus have 1 hand already tied up. For this reason I’ve use the auto-open version.


Using the auto open means you have to press open the locking mechanism and then it just flips open and is ready to use…almost. I say almost because as the knife as worn a few of the bolts on the side have come loose which means that the blade doesn’t always  quite lock open.

Knowing this, I’m careful but really it’s an accident waiting to happen and one that can be easily rectified by purchasing the Benchmade Maintenance Kit ( Pressing my thumb firmly on the bolts and ‘tightening’ them gets it back to operational for a while as well, but it’s not a long term solution.

Outside of that one little niggle of the bolts loosening off on the auto-open knife, this has been a faithful companion for many years.

Alternate Options

Like I said above, the Benchmite is no longer available so it may be hard to find one. Here are 4 other options for a clean looking pocket knife to take with you everywhere.