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Took the kids on a backpacking trip. It was the first for the littlest and the middle kid carried her bag for the first time. The Stein Valley is near Lytton British …

Got a run up Taggert Peak in Abbotsford and a family hike on the Canyon loop in the Chilliwack Community Forest.

Got a bit lost going around Cultus Lake but it just added km. Was a great run with stinging nettle and some road and some beach and lots of great time outside.

Spent the weekend at Chilliwack Lake. Got a summit on Paleface done and ended with a 50k bike ride.

Half marathon on Cultus Lake, bouldering at Hunter Creek and a trip up Elk Thurston to round out the weekend.

Got my 10km in then a short run with the two oldest.

Got snowed on while on Elk Mountain today and one of the kids was quite adamant that dinner was yuck so she went to bed at 5:30.

Today we’re doing a review of the Ambit3 Peak (http://itsqualitygear.com/recommends/suunto-ambit/). Overall, I love it and if this one broke, I’d purchase it again.

Took a run up Elk Mountain and hit snow much earlier than expected. Crazy how much snow we have so late in the season. In fact as I edit a day later we have …

16km run with 1000m of climbing plus a family bike ride and park time.