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How do the Sense Pro 2’s compare to the SpeedCross 4’s? How do they fit wide feet? Today we’re going to find out.

The rule in our house is that kids wear helmets on bikes and scooters and skateboards and any wheeled transport they propel. Recently it was time to upgrade the helmet of the 4 year old. The hand me down was too small and past its useful life anyway. Off we went to the local bike […]

Yeah if I was in the market for a new backpack this would be one of my top choices. Looks really nice and unlike so many other offerings from established backpack makers, you don’t need a rain cover. That’s probably my biggest issue with my GoRuck, I have to have a rain cover if it’s […]

I’ve been embarking on learning to draw which means using my Apple Pencil way more than I have previously. For the most part I love it but all is not perfect in Apple Pencil land. No the Apple Pencil doesn’t need a grip, though some look very nice1. Three pencil suits your hand just fine. […]

Over at Carryology, they have a great run down of modular backpacks. Out of the options there, I think that the Mission Workshop offering is the best. I’ve owned one of their messenger bags before and the quality is amazing. Go check it out.

I had an original pair of Jaybird BlueBud headphones and they were awesome. They worked for about a year, had an issue with the controller and were replaced within two weeks. I found another pair on sale during those two weeks and so I had two pairs. That was around 4 years ago and the […]

Getting ready for the Mt Frosty Ultramarathon and this is one of my longest runs. 37km from Bridal Falls around Mt Archibald up Mt Cheam. Had Cheam to myself …

After three years with the VaporCloud, I’ve got a few thoughts. the warranty was amazing (watch the video to find out) the zippers are pretty ‘sticky’ so I need to wax them or something the repair fixed up my issue anyway Overall, quite happy with Nathan products. We’ll see how the VaporAir turns out after […]

When my Jaybird Bluebud X’s died I started looking for a new set of Bluetooth headphones for running. After a bit of research, I figured that at $29 it would be …

I took a trip up Archibald just west of Mt Cheam in Chilliwack to check out a new peak. Like I expected, there was a bunch of bushwacking. Lots of route finding …