I’ve regularly run two different pairs of shoes for trails. Often one pair is a bit more suited to buffed out dirt or gravel trails while the other pair is better suited to big days of bushwhacking and lots of slippery mud.

When I purchased my Ultra Raptors, my goal was to replace an aging pair of Salomon SpeedCross 4 shoes which I reviewed. Yes they still had some tread on them, but not as much as I wanted to tackle a summer of hard trail work.

I picked the Ultra Raptors because they felt stiff and according to the La Sportiva site, they were going to be a good rubber compound for some scrambling and slick rocks. The grip looked great on them and the rock plate promised to keep my feet safe. Finally the rand above the sole looked like it would protect my fat feet from splitting the shoes prematurely.

Well with just over 200km on them, I’ve got a story to tell…and it’s not as favourable as one would think given how the shoes looked at first glance.

SpeedCross 4 Review: https://youtu.be/UGkkTLYKj4E
Sense Pro 2 Review: https://youtu.be/a_y7QmsTun8

Purchase Ultra Raptor: https://itsqualitygear.com/recommends/la-sportiva-ultraraptors/
Purchase Salomon SpeedCross 4: https://itsqualitygear.com/recommends/salomon-speedcross-4/
Purchase Altra Lone Peak 3.5: https://itsqualitygear.com/recommends/altra-lone-peak-3-5/

Recently MEC had a sale on some kids trail shoes and we were in the market for a set of them. While the SpeedCross was on sale, we went with the Salomon XA Pro Kids shoe because it was a better choice for some trail, and gravel and some of the hard surface “off-ice” training that my figure skating daughter does.

We’ve had them out on a few runs and a hike and my daughter has been using them to workout at skating in. Overall, very happy with the shoe. We would purchase again.

Short one this week. I’ve been busy working and taking a bit of a taper week after some leg pain last week. Ran a hugely fast workout on Monday and then a short road run with the wife on Tuesday. All in the hopes of dropping an hour off my Mt Frosty 50k time from last year. Fingers crossed for sub 8 hours.

If you are done with running trails because heck that’s way to easy then maybe add a Burro to the mix.

Fastest Known: Trail Running Trend Hits Stride in 2018

I’m nowhere near fast enough to get an FKT unless I happen to be the first and still I have some bigger mountain/trail projects I’ll be scouting this summer so I can be prepped to do them maybe this year if I have time maybe next year.

Yup now my kids want me to take them up a tree to climb. Guess I’ll be pulling my climbing gear out and starting the practice at our local park.

The Run-Commute: One of Life’s Greatest Teachers – Trail Sisters

I’ve run commute before and it’s fun. I don’t even need to worry about extra shoes and clothes since I work for my self and am “commuting” to the local coffee shop. Heck, I could do this once a week to hit the other side of town and work which would mean something around 30km of commuting in the day. HRM, that’s very tempting and would let me hit some trails.

While Jaybird is again talking about warranty, they headphones broke yet again. Listen to me talk about them and what I’m doing now for a set of running headphones.

Hiking in Victoria BC – A Couple of the Must Do Trails

My family spent a few weeks on Vancouver island this summer and it was glorious. Now we have a few more things on our list to go check out next time.

The Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim: A Trail Diary

Hilarious trail story of some time in the Grand Canyon.

Two Nineteen Forty Four from Tristan Greszko on Vimeo.

Just 7 minutes up The Nose. Thanks to semi-rad for this one. Beautifully shot and the music is calming for what I’m sure was almost a run up the cliff.

Lifelong Athlete: Performing Your Best From Your 20s Through Your 80s – CTS

Great list of things to do so you can be an athlete for your whole life. I need to do some more high intensity work which is good since I’ve just started joining the local track workout.

Beyond Black Box Management – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

Cal Newport talks about the cognitive demands of climbing via Alex Honold. Close to my heart because I try to spend so much time focusing for my work. This focus lets me build two newsletters and write books and release podcasts and serve clients and still run 50-80km a week in the mountains and not work weekends or evenings.

Stellar video of a run on The Lost Coast in California. Loved the belt buckle at the end.

Today we are going to look at the Feature Sock and talk a bit about my training and the bit of an injury I’m dealing with.

It’s Wednesday day again. Time to make sure you’ve got some adventure planed for the weekend. Here is some stuff to inspire you.

Driving Across Canada: 40 Places You Shouldn’t Miss

Yeesh, in the BC part alone I’ve got some stops to make and trails to hike and I’ve lived here and adventured here for 20 years now. Cathedral grove is amazing. I’ve got a shot of myself dropping a waterfall in the park on my wall.

Why It Matters How You Think About Pain | Outside Online

Pain has always been interesting to me. The best times in the mountains are almost always full of terrible weather and hardship. They’re always the ones I remember with fondness. The regular old days where nothing tough happens blend in.

Yeah the crazy part of this inline skating on mountain bike trails is no protective gear.

Another good video on long trails. I got to watch this just after a cruising 15km run in the forest and it felt just right.

Climbing Out Of A Huge Metaphor – semi-rad.com

Great story about friendship and cancer and sandbagging a friend that newly doesn’t have cancer.

The 2018 Barkley Marathons: Confidence through Failure – Race Ipsa Loquitur

Don’t think I’m ever interested in running Barkley but the race is something I love to follow. Here is Amelia Boone’s look at her first try. I really think that she can finish it and I’m hoping she does.

Today I’m talking about my Jaybird Freedom 2 headphones after 6 months with them. This is an update to my original post on them where I was critical of their function because after 3 weeks they had died on me.

It’s hump day and it’s time to make sure you’ve got you’re weekend adventure planned. I’ll run a half marathon on the trail and take my kids hiking this weekend. Tomorrow I get to take a road running friend of mine out on his first trail run.

Here is some other stuff to inspire you to get out and adventure.

That is a hilarious video from REI for April fools. Still both my wife and I said: But there is something to the idea. I wonder if someone will do anything like it that’s not a joke.

The Top 5 Backpacking Trips in the Canadian Rockies

Yup close to my heart because I’m Canadian. The only draw back, in my mind, to a few is that they’re popular so I’ll have to share the trail too much. As the weather gets nicer I usually head deeper into to the backcountry or start super early so I beat the rush on the popular trails and I’m way back off them when others are starting.

United In Stride | a tool for uniting visually impaired runners and sighted guides.

Maybe you’re adventure can be helping someone els have an adventure. This is a US based site that pairs up sighted guides with visually impaired runners. You call out the course as they run with you so that they can have an adventure. We far too often take our relative good health as a something everyone has.

REI Presents: How to Run 100 Miles – REI Co-op Journal

This is a stellar video about how to run 100 miles. The story of two friends that decide to run 100 miles together.

So funny and it shows the pain and ecstasy of running and training. If you want to run a 100 miles, you have lots of training to do.

Hope Technology: Old Man Winter on Vimeo

This is a pretty fun video about riding bikes in the snow. I was never into the steep stuff like they have now, but it always makes me smile.

Climbing Motivation: Alex Puccio (part 1) – YouTube

Cool quick video to get you training as the warmer weather comes in my neck of the woods. Yup I’ve been missing climbing these last few years with kids. Mountain running is fun, but I want to get on more rock in my runs.

Frontier Journal

I don’t actually know the frequency of this, but I’ve worked with Isaac when his company was one of my clients for web development. I’m super excited and enjoyed the first issue. Make sure you subscribe to Frontier Journal.

Today we’re going to have a brief look at my initial run in the La Sportiva Ultraraptors.

Mainly we’ll talk about my Suunto Ambit 3 Peak watch strap breaking after just over a year. Luckily they’re sending me a new one, but what if it breaks in a year again. The warranty is 1 year and I was just outside that so they’re being gracious.

If you have to purchase a new band for $89 a year, that means the price of the Ambit 3 Peak goes up by $500 over 5 years because none of the aftermarket bands get decent reviews at all.